Types Of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Styles

CIC – Completely in the Canal or the IIC – 100% Invisible Deep Insertion Hearing Aid:

The smallest most discreet hearing aids. The CIC style is virtually invisible and custom made to fit deep inside your ear canal. The IIC Deep Insertion option is 100% invisible. Both styles are lightweight and extremely comfortable.

OTE – Over the Ear Open Fit:

Becoming more and more popular. Comfortable and stylish, OTE’s can be programmed for a wide variety of hearing losses.


Custom made to fit in your canal and hardly noticeable. Easy to handle and operate. Usually uses 312 battery size which lasts longer than smaller batteries.

FS – Full Shell:

Custom made hearing aids that fill the ear. These hearing aids are usually recommended for very severe hearing losses that need increased power.

BTE – Behind the Ear:

Mostly reserved for more severe to profound hearing losses. Some losses can accommodate a thin tube (Just like OTE Style Above). Some losses require thick tubing as seen to the right.

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