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Why Choose an Independent Dealer

What An Independent Office Means

One may think they are going to an independent dealer that can offer them a wide variety of solutions when, in fact, the clinic they are going to is owned by a “network” company that limits the brands they are allowed to sell. According to the 2014 hearing review, approximately 25% of dispensing locations offer only one brand. In the same article only about 15% of practices offered more than 5 brands. At Lifestyle Hearing, we are in the top 5%, offering more than 10 brands.

If you go to a store or clinic that is owned by or belongs to a group or corporation they are beholden to sell you their particular brand(s). You owe it to yourself to find a truly independent dealer. Not only will you save money, but you will have a greater selection of manufacturers to fit your specific loss and needs.

It’s hard for us to imagine running a practice and only being able to choose from a limited number of brands while trying to meet the needs of our clients. Every manufacturer has something unique that they can do differently and sometimes better than another manufacturer.

If what you truly need is being biased by what can be offered, you are not getting the solution that best fits you.

Don’t be cornered into a one size fits all solution. Come see Lifestyle Hearing a truly independent hearing clinic beholden to no one and no company.

You owe it to yourself, your hearing, and your pocket book. We will help you hear better the right way! Invest in better hearing with Lifestyle Hearing; an independent partner that’s right for you.

Some of the Major Manufacturers that we use in Alphbetical Order.














Not One; Not Two; Not Three: We Have Them All!