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Just a note of appreciation for the prompt return of my hearing aids. Needless to say I am embarrassed to admit that I entered the shower with my hearing aids attached. I guess this is what is considered a senior citizen moment.
After receiving instructions from your courteous staff regarding shipping the units back to your company, I was surprised to hear from Major Marco in three days. The good news was that the aids were okay and you were going to send them back to the factory for an additional inspection. They are now back in my possession. My wife is so pleased to have the TV sound lowered 3-4 decibels, also my "what's and pardon me's" are used so less often. Thank you for the very prompt, courteous service. Customer Service like this is a rarity nowadays. You will be highly recommended by me to anyone interested in hearing aids.

Mio, Michigan   

Dear Lifestyle Hearing
I wanted to personally thank you (Marco, Misty, Eve) for your excellent service. I have worn several sets of hearing aids for over 15 years with an average price of $2,000- $3,000 per hearing aid. So, when I saw this ad for a hearing aid that fit any hearing loss for $899 per aid I was skeptical to say the least. I didn't believe it was true. But, my wife made me call anyway. After my first year as your client I couldn't be happier. My wife reminds me all the time about how she was right. Anyway, I hear better than I've ever heard and the hearing aids were half of what I normally paid. On top of that, your customer service is better than I've ever had. As you know, I brag about you guys all the time.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Frank T.   

Dear Marco, I have been wearing hearing aids for 17 years. Until coming to Lifestyle Hearing I never had both hearing aids last 3 years. In the past regardless of manufacturer, either one or both broke beyond repair. I credit your excellent customer service with periodic free cleanings and maintenance reminders. The price is great compared to what I used to pay. I am glad I found you and highly recommend Lifestyle Hearing to anyone.

Ruth Perreault   

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the service you and your staff have given me since I purchased my hearing aid from you over two years ago. Your friendly, quality service has made it a pleasure to do business with you. I especially want to tell you about the excellent service I recently received from Misty. She went to extraordinary lengths to repair my broken hearing aid, saving me the cost of sending it out for refurbishing or buying a new one, and having to be without it for a week or more. You certainly live up to your claim of integrity, quality customer service and client satisfaction. I recommend Lifestyle Hearing to anyone who is in need of a hearing aid. They will certainly get the best product and service at the best price.

Gerald T   

This is the first time I ever used hearing aids. I was so nervous and Misty made me feel so relaxed. Everything was explained clearly and with such patience. Now I can hear again. I had no idea what I was missing. My granddaughter on the telephone; my husband out to eat. Everyone there has been so wonderful to me and so easy to talk to. I will definitely recommend your office for any of my friends who have a hearing loss.

Roberta Rosen