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Services We Provide

Everyone Receives:


Everyone Receives:

Free – No-Obligation Evaluation & Consultation

Free – Demonstration of the Latest Technology

Free – Try Before You Buy 30 Day Guarantee

Free – Video-Otoscopy of Your Ear

Free – In-House Repairs (Any make/model)

(We have extensive repair training and certification with multiple manufacturers)


Specifically For Our Clients

Free – Lifetime Ear Wax Management

Free – Unlimited Lifetime Programming

Free – Unlimited Lifetime In-Office Repairs, Re-tubing, Pull Strings, Buds, Filters, Etc.

Free – Unlimited Lifetime Cleaning/Vacuuming

Free – Unlimited Lifetime Retesting/Adjustments

If we can fix it in our office it’s free for life!

Come see why we are consistently voted #1!


Normal Eardrum

Perforated Eardrum

Infected Eardrum
with tube.