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Hearing Aid Styles


 CIC - Completely in the Canal;   IIC - 100% Invisible Deep Insertion Hearing Aid

The smallest most discreet hearing aids.  The CIC style is virtually invisible and custom made to fit deep inside your ear canal.  The IIC Deep Insertion option is 100% invisible. Both styles are lightweight and extemely comfortable.   



Custom made to fit in your canal and hardly noticeable.  Smallest style that can accommodate a volume control knob. Easy to handle and operate.


FS - Full Shell

Custom made hearing aids that fill the external ear. These hearing aids are usually recommended for very severe hearing losses that need increased power. Comfortable and easy to wear. For profound losses.


BTE - Behind the Ear

For profound losses.  You can use a behind the ear or our specially designed super flexible soft shell.


Open Fit

This is one of the newest styles and yields a more natural sound.  This style eliminates that plugged or occluded feeling.  These hearing aids are hardly noticeable.  They are small, sit on the back of the ear and are easily worn.