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How Do I Know if I Have a Hearing Loss?


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Do you frequently ask others to repeat?

Do you find it hard to follow conversations in crowds, noisy places, or on the phone?

Do you have difficulty understanding television or do others complain about the volume of your TV?

Do you sense that others seem to mumble?

Do you have more difficulty understanding women and children than men?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a hearing problem.

It is important to get your hearing checked by a licensed professional who can help determine the cause of your loss. A visual check of your ear canal and ear drum is a must. Ruling out a bone conduction loss is something that only a licensed professional can do. Note: If you have experienced a sudden hearing loss, please seek medical attention immediately.

Let our highly skilled team of hearing professionals give you a FREE, No Obligation hearing test. A thorough hearing evaluation will determine if your hearing loss is wax buildup, medically related, or if hearing aids are indicated. In the event hearing aids are of benefit, you receive a FREE trial on all our products.

Our expertise in the hearing industry spans over 40 years. We have been serving the Gulf Coast since 1984. Remember, you have nothing to lose and better hearing to gain! Call Today.