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Wireless means that sound can be transferred directly from a source (like the TV, Phone, Preacher’s mic, etc.) directly into one’s hearing aids. This helps to eliminate the poor acoustics of a room or facility and it also helps a person’s verbal understanding. In other words, a phone conversation, the TV, a meeting, etc, can be heard as if the person speaking were speaking directly into BOTH ears of the hearing aid wearer. Wireless technology can be a huge benefit to those who have auditory deprivation or who have unresponsive segments of their hearing even with the use of hearing aids.

There are several different ways to transmit sounds wirelessly. Most companies use an intermediary device. This is where the wireless signal is picked up by an accessory usually hung around the wearer’s neck. Then this wireless accessory transmits the sound into the hearing aids. This method uses the least battery power and is usually more cost effective for those who want to hook up to multiple wireless signals.

There are also companies that do not need to use an intermediate accessory. These companies are able to have the hearing aids pick up the wireless signals directly via a specific GHz transmission signal (similar to a cordless phone). The huge benefit to this is that one does not need to carry or hang a device around one’s neck … the hearing aids are always ready to go. The downside to this method is that the battery consumption of the hearing aid is usually a bit higher.

These are also the types of hearing aids you may have seen on CNN, Fox News and other outlets that can hook directly into specific models of smart phones.

Which brand and style is right for you depends upon several factors. How many wireless pieces do you want to attach. What style hearing aid you want. What is the size of your ear? Do you want to be able to have the capability of connecting to an induction loop coil? There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the wireless solution that’s best for you.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an independent hearing company like Lifestyle Hearing. As an independent dealer we are not limited to the choices we can provide our clients. We’ll find the brand and style that’s right for you. Non-independent dealers can only choose from a limited selection of products; sometimes they only deal with one brand. That’s just crazy. Come see Lifestyle Hearing where your hearing comes first and we are not beholden to any manufacturer!