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All the major manufacturers (of which there are about 10) make excellent quality hearing aids. Each company usually has something unique that they may do slightly better than another company. However, for general hearing they all work great. What is important is to match the client’s needs to the manufacture that best suits their loss and their lifestyle.

That is what is great about going to an independent dealer like Lifestyle Hearing. We can choose from a multitude of companies to best fit your loss and concerns. Most hearing companies are owned by a group or manufacturer and have limited brands they can dispense or sell.

Truly independent dealers like Lifestyle Hearing eliminate the need for high cost mid-level management while giving the clients a wide selection to choose from.

Just to give some examples. Connect hearing, Zounds, Audibel, Miracle Ear, Hearing Alliance, Beltone, HearX, HearUSA, etc. are all owned by a manufacturing company and only offer the brands that they own. Then there are box store companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco that are run very similarly to manufactured owned companies. They may not own the hearing company but they have exclusivity agreements. Again, these companies can only offer the manufacturers supported by that group or that the agreement allows for.

Less than 5% of hearing companies in the United States dispense and offer as many brands as we do at Lifestyle Hearing. Truly Independent dealers like Lifestyle Hearing can find you the best values, eliminate the cost of middle management, and truly give the clients what is best for them! Independence does matter! In most cases you will get a better price and a product better suited for your needs when you go to a truly independent hearing healthcare provider like Lifestyle Hearing.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an independent hearing company like Lifestyle Hearing. As an independent dealer we are not limited to the choices we can provide our clients. We’ll find the brand and style that’s right for you. Non-independent dealers can only choose from a limited selection of products; sometimes they only deal with one brand. That’s just crazy. Come see Lifestyle Hearing where your hearing comes first and we are not beholden to any manufacturer!