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Which hearing aid style is best for me? Every person is different; and every situation is different. However, I will use some stereotypical answers to this question.

Usually a person with normal low frequency losses will adapt better to an over the ear open fit hearing aid. A person with a very severe loss will want an over the ear power aid with a custom mold (these can still be very small). People with average losses at all frequency ranges can have whatever hearing aid suites there lifestyle best.

Over the ear hearing aids are more prone to moisture problems than in the ear hearing aids. For this reason, in the ear hearing aids, are better for more active people (in terms of sweating, yard work etc). There is currently only one truly waterproof hearing aid on the market. All others are water resistant. That’s why it is important to see independent hearing dispensers like Lifestyle Hearing who can choose from multiple lines; We can take your lifestyle into account and pick the best brand and style for YOU.

The deep insertion hearing aid is not water resistant/proof as many companies would like you to believe. As long as you don’t get water in your ear it works just fine. However, if you get water in your ear it will stop working. So, don’t go swimming under water and don’t tilt your head in the shower!

The last thing to take into consideration is the wireless technology wave. Because all in the ear hearing aids have to be custom made to the shape of one’s ear, it is more difficult to ensure the wireless features will work without a hitch. If people want wireless technology, I usually recommend going with an over the ear hearing aid. They can get all the latest wireless technologies, including the t-coil and induction coil, in a small package that has been pre-tested to work like a champ.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an independent hearing company like Lifestyle Hearing. As an independent dealer we are not limited to the choices we can provide our clients. We’ll find the brand and style that’s right for you. Non-independent dealers can only choose from a limited selection of products; sometimes they only deal with one brand. That’s just crazy. Come see Lifestyle Hearing where your hearing comes first and we are not beholden to any manufacturer!